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Privacy policy

This is the Privacy Policy of angolaevisaservice.com
This Privacy Policy applies to every page of angolaevisaservice.com.
Any information inputted by clients to apply ETA is managed by safe system.
We would like to recommend you to review this Privacy Policy before inputting your information in angolaevisaservice.com.
Our website requests client’s agreement on the Privacy Policy before receiving him/her information.

Agreement on the Personal Information Collection

Before receiving client’s personal information,angolaevisaservice.com proposes agreement procedure on this Privacy Policy. You will be regarded as agreed on the personal information collection if checking in [I Agree].

Personal Information to be collected

The purpose of angolaevisaservice.com’s personal information collection is to apply for visas for clients.
▶ Information to be collected: Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Mother’s Name, Father’s Name, Passport Information (Passport Number, Issuance Date, Expiration Date, Type of Supporting Doc), Email Address, Phone Number, Address, Connection Log, Cookies, Information on the Connection IP, Payment Record, etc.
▶ Method of personal information collection:angolaevisaservice.com (by application form) Information inputted by clients is only used for ETA application, and not supplied to other marketing tools.

Matters related to the Storage of Personal Information, etc.

Information input for applying for Visas under the agreement of clients may be deleted by demand of them. Personal information that is not used in payment will be deleted completely with 10 days, so no personal information will be remained in angolaevisaservice.com. Personal information used in payment will be stored for 1 month to confirm that payment; after that, it will be transferred and managed in separate server for 6 months After 6 months, all of personal information will be deleted and angolaevisaservice.com does not store any of it.


This website has a right to deny minor’s service request.


angolaevisaservice.com does not sell or share client’s information in any form except application for ETA. In addition, client’s information is not used as marketing tool in angolaevisaservice.com.

Automatic Personal Information Collection (Policy on the cookie)

angolaevisaservice.com uses cookies to find and store client’s information frequently. Cookie is a very small text that is sent to client’s browser from the server of company’s website. It is stored in the hard disk of client’s PC.angolaevisaservice.com uses cookies only for the following purposes.
▶ Purpose of Cookie
To understand users’ preference and interests and trace them by analyzing connection frequency and visiting time of applicants or visitors. To conduct target marketing and provide customized service by analyzing participation level and visiting frequency.
Clients can select installation of cookies. Therefore, clients can allow every cookie by adjusting option in web browser, check whenever a cookie is stored, or deny every cookie.
However, clients can have difficulty in receiving our service if deny installation of cookies.

Spam Mail

angolaevisaservice.com doesn’t send any span mail to clients. Also,angolaevisaservice.com doesn’t request client’s information related to the credit card or bank through email. I hope you will consider that we protect client’s personal information and don’t try to achieve such information.


angolaevisaservice.com’s server is located in Hongkong, and it stores client’s information. Client’s information is managed safely and can be deleted permanently according to the demand of client. (However, payment information is stored in separate server for 6 months to be checked if certain conflict is raised.) angolaevisaservice.com’s server uses a server management company that checks it is protected and stored as safely as possible with security system, fire wall, and password.

Customer Service Center

If you have any question about angolaevisaservice.com, please contact through following email address and we will respond sincerely. Revision date of Private Policy : 01 Feb, 2019 Customer Support : [email protected]